Preston House & Covid 19

We have made a lot of changes to make our property safe for guests, staff and our family. Here’s a little information about the steps we are taking.

What we are doing to keep you safe:

We have provided each room with a sanitising pack which includes a bottle of antibacterial hand gel, sanitising spray and disposable hand towels. Please do not remove these items from your room.

All communal areas and regularly touched surfaces (e.g. door handles, banisters, light switches, pens etc) are being sanitised regularly throughout the day.

During changeovers, in addition to our usual high standards of cleaning, we have added an additional layer of care. This includes thoroughly sanitising regularly touched areas including door knobs, keys, remote controls, light switches, flat surfaces etc.

Decorative throws have been removed from rooms and cushions are quarantined or treated with upholstery sanitiser.

Magazine and guest information folders have been removed from bedrooms and replaced with laminated copies.

Guests can opt out of having a room refresh if you’d rather not have staff enter your room to clean during your stay. We can still arrange to replenish cups, teas and coffees and toiletries.

During check in, breakfast and face to face contact indoors we will wear face masks and maintain a safe distance from you where possible.

During check in we will show you to your room but will not enter your room with you.

Antibacterial gel will be available in our front porch of both the main house and Coach House and we ask that guests use this every time they enter the building.


We have a large dining room and are able to segregate guests to an extent to maintain a safe distance.

Antibacterial gel will be placed outside the dining room and we ask that guests use this on entry to the dining room.

We will offer our full breakfast menu but on an order only basis. All breakfast items can be ordered the evening before. We will not have our typical breakfast buffet to reduce shared contact of surfaces.

Guests must adhere to the following:

On entering the house immediately use the hand sanitiser gel in the porch to clean hands.

On entering your rooms and regularly throughout your stay please wash your hands thoroughly with the sanitising hand wash provided

Before entering the dining room for breakfast please use the hand sanitiser gel at the doorway.

Limit your contact with others, keeping to a safe distance of 2m.

Help to protect the wider community by following these guidelines whilst exploring Northumberland.